Fire Department

Responsibilities & Services
The City of Jesup Fire Department has 45 paid and volunteer personnel that serves both the City of Jesup and Wayne County. The Department's responsibilities and services cover areas of fire suppression, fire prevention, code enforcement, and emergency medical response.

Code Enforcement
Fire code enforcement is handled by the chief in coordination with the cities’ building inspector. Through both offices, building specifications and life safety codes are ensured in new construction. In addition to proper code enforcement, the Fire Department continues to utilize live fire training with sub standard buildings to assist in removing those that pose a public hazard.

The Department responds to over 1,200 calls for service each year. Each paid firefighter and volunteer firefighter receives a minimum of 140 hours of training each year.

Paid & Volunteer Staff Training
  • Fire suppression
  • Emergency medical refresher courses
  • Hazardous materials training 
  • Auto extrication courses
All paid personnel are state-certified firefighters and emergency medical first responders or basic medical technicians.

Fire Prevention Program
The fire prevention program has fast become the City of Jesup Fire Department's most active division. The Department purchased the fire safety house in 1999 to enhance its safety education for school age children. The safety house, along with the fire safety program, is used throughout Wayne County and several surrounding counties.