Jesup Police Department

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    Join us for a FUN-FILLED, EDUCATIONAL Day! Read on...
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    The Police Department to be used as a Safe Point

    The Jesup Police Department will be used as a safe meeting point for individuals who participate in Craig's List, Swap & Shop sites, and other social media yard sale trades/listings...... Read on...
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    Wanted for Bank Robbery in Jesup, GA

    The Jesup Police Department is seeking information on an individual involved in a bank robbery that occurred in Jesup, GA in September 2014. Read on...
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Jesup Police Department Mission Statement
The mission of the Jesup Police Department is to strengthen and maintain the social order of the community by providing professional law enforcement services, while remaining within prescribed ethical and constitutional limits.

The Department will provide services which contribute to the preservation of life, the protection of property, and the general safety of the community. The Department will work to prevent, detect, and investigate criminal activity, to recover lost and stolen property, and to apprehend and prosecute suspected offenders. The Department will further provide community service under non-criminal circumstances such as natural or manmade disasters and medical emergencies.

The Department will actively solicit and encourage the contribution of all citizens to assist in the formulation of activities which accomplish these goals.