Wastewater Treatment Plant


The City of Jesup has been treating wastewater since the early 1950s. The treatment plant was updated in 1971 and then modified again in 1988. In 1988, the upgrade cost around 3.3 million dollars. The City of Jesup began building a new plant in September 2012 and it was completed in 2015. The current Wastewater Treatment Plant was approximately a $13 million project.

The new Wastewater Treatment Plant was designed with redundancy built in so that should errors arise, the team can work on the equipment while it is down.


Our wastewater treatment is an Extended Aeration Activated Sludge plant with secondary treatment in which the department keeps a few drying beds. After the secondary treatment process, the effluent is disinfected and pumped 3 miles to the Altamaha River. 
The Wastewater Plant is permitted to pump 2.5 million gallons per day on a 30 day average and 3.125 million gallons per day on a maximum weekly average.


Our plant has VFD drives to run the pumps and motors. The system has a backup generator to run the plant. It also has a wireless SCADA system to control and monitor the plants operation.
There are 19 pumping stations throughout the City of Jesup. These pumping stations pump the wastewater to the Wastewater Plant.